Canoe Hire and Kayak Hire will need to be booked in advance.


Coalport to Bridgnorth

Our canoe hire and kayak hire runs from Coalport to Bridgnorth.  As well as all the equipment we also provide a free minibus shuttle.  Choose from a canoe (2/3 seater) or double or single sit-on-top kayak.

 You can paddle this route in as little as 2 hours but we allow you up to 4 hours so you can enjoy a floating picnic along the way.

In addition to enjoying a river trip you can also enjoy a breakfast at The Brewery Inn in Coalport beforehand on our first trip of the day. After parking your vehicle in Coalport your table will be waiting for you at The Brewery Inn where you can spend an hour enjoying your freshly cooked breakfast before meeting us for your river trip. (Please note that the cost of breakfast is not included in the hire and you will pay this to The Brewery Inn on the day. Pre-ordering of food is not required however we will reserve a table for you ). Dogs are welcome however you will need to sit outside on the terrace overlooking the river.

For the 10am and 11am trips please park in the Severn Park car park (WV15 5AF) which costs £5.50 for full day parking where our staff will pick you up. 

On arrival at the start we will fit you with a buoyancy aid, paddle and provide you with a dry bag. We will also give you a safety briefing before heading off on the river.

We recommend you wear old trainers you don’t mind getting wet or wet suit shoes as your feet may get wet. In addition, please also dress for the weather on the day.

As we run multiple minibus shuttles in the morning we cannot wait for late arrivals so please arrive earlier than necessary so you do not miss your trip! In the event that you are running late please call us. However, if you arrive late we will have to leave without you and we will not provide a refund or reschedule in this instance. 

Your trip finishes in Severn Park, Bridgnorth where you vehicle is parked.

For our breakfast club we will send you details of where to park before your trip. After finishing in Severn Park, Bridgnorth we will transport you back to your vehicle.

Please note: In the event that you flip the boat you will need to be confident to swim yourself, the boat and equipment to the side of the river bank where you’ll be able to empty the boat and get back in. If you have any concerns please check out our mini-rafts which are much more stable on the water.

Distance: 7 miles

Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours (up to 4 hours allowed)

Breakfast Club Bookings Only: Park your vehicle in Coalport at 8.50am. You will meet us at 10.05am ready for your trip just a minutes walk from the pub.

Minibus Leaves Bridgnorth: 10am and 11am

Age Limit: Children aged 4 and above can participate.

For single kayak hire children must be a minimum of 12 years of age and have prior experience paddling a single kayak, and be accompanied by an adult in a separate boat.

Hire Includes: Free minibus transport, canoe or kayak, buoyancy aid, paddle and dry bag

Don’t Forget!: Please bring a fully charged mobile phone, lunch/snacks and soft drinks and photo ID

Weight Limits: Maximum weight limit per canoe is 40 stone combined. Maximum weight limit per single kayak is 16 stone and per double kayak is 35 stone.


kayak hire


£29 Per Person


Double kayak


£27.50 Per Person


2 person canoe hire


£27.50 Per Person


canoe hire activities


£23 Per Person


Please read the notes below before making a canoe hire or kayak hire booking.

Please read the Health and Safety guidelines, rules and regulations below.

Because of the drainage holes in the sit-on-top kayaks you will get your bottom half wet so please wear appropriate clothing (shorts, fitness gear, leggings, quick dry trousers) and bring a towel and change of clothes for afterwards.

We will email you a few days prior to your trip date with all the necessary information you need.  Our minibus will leave on time from Severn Park in Bridgnorth. Therefore, if you arrive late we will have to leave without you with no refund or reschedule given. We recommend you arrive early to pay for parking and sort your bags. 

Please note that the parking machines in Severn Park do not accept cash. You can make payment with a debit card or online via the app.

We welcome children from the age of 4 and over.​

For single kayak hire children must be a minimum of 12 years of age and have prior experience paddling a single kayak, and be accompanied by an adult in a separate boat.

PLEASE NOTE: As a security deposit for any of our ‘for hire’ services, we require a photo ID for each booking, i.e driving licence or passport.  Our staff member will safely keep this for the duration of the hire period. However, should you fail to bring the required documents on the day we reserve the right to cancel your booking with no refund given.

It is important to note that for safety reasons we do not allow anyone to paddle solo. As a result, we require two people minimum for single sit-on-top kayak bookings.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before making a booking.

You can book online for dates between 1st April to 30th September.  

During our low season (October to March) please Call us or email us Ironbridge Coracle Hire

If your chosen date and time is showing sold out please call us as we may have some extra availability.

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Breakfast Club


After parking your vehicle in Coalport where your trip starts, you can enjoy a tasty breakfast at The Brewery Inn, a traditional family run pub that has been a local favourite for over 40 years.

Run by Fiona and her friendly team, treat yourself to a scrumptious breakfast made with locally sourced ingredients. From hearty cooked breakfasts to lighter options, there is something to satisfy every taste, including vegetarian and vegan choices. 

After savouring your meal, take a short stroll to the river, just a minutes walk away, where your journey begins at 10.05am.

At the end of your trip in Bridgnorth’s Severn Park we will transport you back to your vehicle, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

The Brewery Inn
Trip Advisor
Brewery Inn Patio

Please note that due to other customers who require transport you may need to wait until our minbus is filled (8 seats) before we drive back.

Full details of where to park will be sent to you prior to your trip. 

Please note that the boat hire price does not included the cost of breakfast. You will pay The Brewery Inn on the day. Pre-ordering of food is not required but we will reserve you a table when you book with us. 

You can also bring small well behaved dogs on our canoe hire, however for breakfast you will need to sit outside on the pubs terrace which overlooks the river.

Menus are shown below but may be subject to change at short notice so if you have any questions regarding food please contact the pub direct beforehand. Please also be aware that no alcohol is allowed to be consumed before your river trip.

Menu P1

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Menu P2

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Health and Safety Guidelines, Rules and Regulations

The safety and enjoyment of your trip depend on both river and weather on your chosen trip day. We do not allow any trips to proceed when severe conditions are occurring or expected. Furthermore, heavy rainfall over the days leading up to your trip date affects the river levels, especially rainfall over the Welsh mountains some two days before departure. We will offer you an alternative date if we are unable to run your trip due to circumstances beyond our control.

If you have any questions about your canoes, kayaks, equipment or the River Severn, please do not hesitate to ask.

Furthermore, if your party have any health issues, please discuss this with us first and make us aware of these conditions. As a consequence of certain health issues we may discourage you from taking part in the event. Anyone with a history of epilepsy should also avoid participating in this activity.

Maximum weight per boat: 2 person canoe or double kayak – 35 stone (222kg). 3 person canoe – 40 stone (254kg). Single kayak – 16 stone (101kg). We do not allow children under the age of 4 years in canoes and kayaks. Children under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult on a one to one basis.

For single kayak hire children must be a minimum of 12 years of age and have prior experience paddling a single kayak, and be accompanied by an adult in a separate boat. The minimum hire age is 18 years old and an adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.

It is important to note that participants must have the ability to swim a minimum of 25 metres.  Consequently, an adult who can swim must accompany anyone who cannot swim this distance.

In the unlikely event that you flip the canoe you will need to be confident to swim yourself, the boat and equipment to the side of the river bank where you’ll be able to empty the boat and get back in. Whilst we are only a phone call away we are not with you on the river so will not be there to assist you.

You cannot fish unless you have the appropriate permit to fish on the stretch of the river your journey takes you on and a National rod license.

Please ensure you arrive no later than the time stated in the email that is sent to you.  Due to other customers requiring travel in our free shuttle, if you arrive late we will have to leave without you with no refund or reschedule given.

You must wear your buoyancy aids at all times whilst you are canoeing or kayaking. If you remove your buoyancy aids whilst off the river please do not use them as seats or throw them on the ground or in the bottom of the boat. Where possible please place them in the dry bag supplied to keep them clean. Buoyancy aids which come back extremely dirty or covered in mud will incur a £10 surcharge cleaning fee each.

When you leave the river take all your belongings, buoyancy aids and paddles as these are your responsibility and we will charge you in full if they are lost or stolen.

Participants are responsible for ensuring they have the correct clothing and are fit enough to complete any trip comfortably. We allow up to 4 hours to paddle the 8½ mile route and up to 7 hours to paddle the 16 mile route which gives you time to have a break along the way.  This can be paddled in less time even in low summer levels. With this in mind, if you exceed the time allowed we reserve the right to make a surcharge of £25 per extra hour, per boat overrunning the time limit. In the unlikely event that you are not able to return to the end of the trip and you need a staff member to retrieve you and your boat(s) (dependent on where you are located on the river) there will be a £100 retrieval charge.

Most importantly, please note that you should not consume alcohol prior to your trip. We will not allow you to hire or participate in the event if you are found under the influence of alcohol or any other substances and we will not provide a refund in the event of cancellation.  Furthermore, you cannot take alcohol on the river and we have the right to confiscate it until you return. If you refuse to relinquish alcohol we will cancel the trip with no refund given.

You can bring your dog. However, under no circumstances do not leash them in the canoe. We do not provide buoyancy aids for dogs. Please also advise us in advance.

There is no safety cover on the river however you can contact us at all times. For the most part, mobile phone coverage on the river is minimal for a lot of the major networks. However we can also be contacted on WhatsApp on 07497 086936.

What to wear and spare equipment: Loose clothing, i.e. t-shirts, shorts, leggings and trainers (NOT wellington boots, flip flops or jeans as they can become heavy and uncomfortable in wet weather).  Due to the sun reflecting off the water this can increase your chance of heat stroke and sunburn so please wear sunscreen. Furthermore the weather conditions can also change very quickly on your journey so please bring a raincoat. In addition, we also recommend you bring a change of clothes and towel for the end of your trip.

Do bring: A drink, chocolate bar, snack/picnic and sun tan lotion. Especially important is a waterproof mobile phone.

Do not bring: Expensive jewellery, watches, cameras/video cameras if not waterproof as we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any of your effects.

Please do not leave rubbish on the river banks or drop it in the river. Bring it back with you and we will dispose of it.

Before making a booking, please review our full terms and conditions.