Ironbridge Coracle Hire

Ironbridge Coracle Hire offers a variety of outdoor activities including coracle hire, mini-raft hire, canoe/kayak hire and mega SUP hire all featured along the beautiful River Severn.
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For the best coracle hire in Shropshire choose Shropshire Raft Tours on the river Severn near Shrewsbury just outside Telford

Coracle Hire

Our bamboo coracles can fit either 2-3 people or a family of four (2 adults and 2 younger children under 10 years).

Paddle a quiet section of river in Jackfield, down river from the famous iron bridge, and enjoy stepping back in time in our circular bamboo boats.

A minimum of 2 adults are required per coracle to paddle (to avoid going round in circles!).

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Coracle Hire